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We have made some packages of 1 day to 4 daYS/3 nights to give you some idea of a very complete tour.we recommend at least 3 days/ 2 nights, to have a 'complete' view of the jungle life style.  please, understand that due to the location in the forest, the weather changing fast and some others inconvenient that can arrive,  the program might change . but ramiro and his team will make everything to do all what we offer even in a different way or order. thanks for you attention. 


we have a maximum of 6 people per tour, because we really want to preserve the area and we think it is not enjoyable for the tourist and for us to walk 20 people in the jungle. we like small group to share a maximum together ! 

of course we are very flexible and if you are a bigger group who want to come together we can find a way to welcome all of you. 

we also can arrange PRIVATE and personalized tours. if you prefer to choose your activities because you have done some of them already, or if you want to spend more than 4 days in the jungle write us an e-mail and we will organize a tour specially for you.

Don't forget to tell us if you are passionate about somethings special as birds, amphibian, plants or whatever... ramiro will take time to try to find you what you like. 

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