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 Day 2

wake up early to enjoy the sunrise on the lake or river, back to the lodge for breakfast, Let’s go piranha fishing to see if you can get our lunch! then by canoeing on kurupira lake we will look for any birds flying over the lake and looking for the Victoria Regia. Typical lunch at the lodge and little rest to enjoy the place. Time to go back to Leticia , but it is not finish yet, we will stop on our way to observe the pink and grey dolphin .



arriving time in Leticia: about 5pm 

included : breakfast+snack+lunch

Day 1

We will pick you up at your hotel at about 8:30 am, go around the port and market of Leticia before to take the boat for about 2,5 hours to the lodge . ( in the dry season we have a 20min walk to get to the lodge)
We will explain you more about the area of Kurupira reserve and serve you a typical lunch.
*after lunch, you will start with a 2 hours walk in the forest, learning about the plants and trees and them utilities but also about the legend and tradition of the local tribes.
Time for sunset we will choose the best spot between the lake or river. Dinner   back to the lodge and Alligators watching before falling asleep in your hammock!



included: lunch+snack+dinner

*winter time canoeing in the floating forest instead of the walk. 

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