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We will pick you up at your hotel at 6:40 am, take the boat for about 2,5 hours to the lodge . ( in the dry season we have a 20min walk to get to the lodge)
You will start with a 2 hours walk in the forest, learning about the plants, trees, and them utilities but also about the legend and tradition of the local tribes. Back to the lodge we will serve you a typical lunch and give you time for a little rest.
After the lunch, Let’s go for 1 hour of piranha fishing on kurupira lake ! keep your eyes open for any birds and Victoria Regia (big water lily).
Then, you will start your way back to Leticia with some stop to observe dolphins.

Arriving time in Leticia: around 6pm 

incluid : lunch+Snacks

this tour is to give the opportunity to the people who doesn't  have much time in leticia but want to enjoy the jungle deeper than 10km from the city.

but of course you have to know that the way to get there and back takes time and it's going to be a long, busy but exciting day  as we want to show you as much as we can in 1 day !

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