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we have many wish and motivation for the furtur !

first, about the lodge, we are already working on some idea to make our lodge bigger, with some platform to give the opportunity to the tourist to go around and enjoy the view even in the rainy season.

we also would like to build a platform in a tree at about 30m high , to observe all the different spices of bird flying above the lake.

and of course , trying to have solar panels, due to our wish to keep the place very natural we do not have any generator to have electricity. with the solar panels we would have enough electricity to recharge your cameras, have a minimum of light at night and have a fridge to have a bigger variety of cold drink and food.

our second wish is about the community . we wish to have a bigger impact on the problem of pollution in the community around the lodge. have more time to go often time in the school to teach the kids about it. and also more time, knowledge, help and money to work on some building with non-compostable waste.

we need your help ! by booking a tour with us you are participating to make our wish growing ! thank you

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