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We have three main reasons for our project.

We, Lilia and Ramiro, are both very concerned about the impact of tourism in Leticia. Over the last years, it became bigge. it is good, however it feels like too many touristic places are losing the real sense of ‘Jungle adventure’.

This is therefore the first reason; we would like to give you the opportunity to be in the jungle, observe animals, relax in a quiet & wild place and  not in the ‘forest’ close to a road, with generator noise, Tv and music from bars…Just in the Jungle as we and you wouldimagine it ! we also would like to keep the visit in Magüta lodge area limited at about 6 people per group to preserve the nature and have more chance to see animals.

The lodge is built with local wood, with the help of the communities around, that brings us to our second reason. Help the TiKunas communities! We are sadly touch to see the reality there, the ignorance of how bad is the pollution for the nature, more than the nature it is them life! They don’t realize that they are destroying what make them live. This is why we would like to organize some lesson to teach to the children at school but also show to the adults how to recycle and use the non-compostable waste in construction, art, gardening, etc.  we also would like to work with them as buying them fruits and vegetables, help them to sell it in Leticia, give them the opportunity to sell some hand craft to tourist. Keep the Magüta/Tikuna traditions important in the eyes of the new generation and much more projects and ideas !

Our last reason, it is for us … to ENJOY ! Yes, it is so important for us to meet people from all around the world, learn about different cultures. take the time to be with our family in the magic peaceful jungle. Brings our children in the communities meet, learn, teach, share ! try to make a little change with the pollution for the nature and for our health !
Simply realize our dream by doing what we like, and with your stay in Magüta… You are helping us to do it !

So let’s go ! jump in the boat and get into this adventure… our life adventure…that would be a real pleasure to share  with you !!!


Ramiro giving candy to the kids of the community and teaching them how bad is the pollution for the nature , first step, put the plastic of the candy in a trash can

ecology lesson
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