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For the Tikunas, the origin of human life started with Yoi and Ipi (the first man and woman)

One day, Yoi was fishing in a red lake called EWARE. He used Yucca as bait and started to fish a lot of humans ! He decided to give them the name of MAGÜTA … MAGU = fishing (with rod), TA = group (of people). This is how Magüta became the first population of the Jungle. When the colons arrived in the Amazon, they decided to change the name to Tikuna.



We decided to name our lodge MAGUTA because we are Tikunas and think it is very important not to forget the original name of our tribes. We also wanted to teach the young generation in the communities around our lodge the importance of preserving the traditions, stories and legends of our ancestors.


If you want to learn more about  the Magüta/Tikuna story, we recommend you to visit the nice little  Magüta museum in BENJAMIN CONSTANT (BRASIL).

it is Accessible  by boat from Leticia .


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