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amazon river
Laetitia in Leticia
santander park,Leticia
victoria regia
spirit of the pink dolphin
talking about ledgend
Santa Rosa island, Peru
Santa Rosa island, Peru
santa Rosa island , Peru
port of Leticia
portof Leticia
port of Leticia
boarder Colombia - Brasil
boarder Colombia -Brasil
Mirador de la Comara,Tabatinga
caipirihna time !
Mirador de la Comara,Tabatinga
sunset on the Amazon river
view from de sky



here you are ! 3 countries in only few minute. sleep and enjoy the morning in the safe and nice Leticia, have a big Peruvian beer and salchipapas on Santa Rosa island for lunch and enjoy the sunset on the Amazon river with a brazilien caipirihna in tabatinga !

If you want more information about those places , please feel free to write us an email( without any obligation to book a tour with us ) we can also help you with different tours, transport, taxi or good address for Hotels and restaurants !  FREE OF CHARGE !!! just the love of our area to share 

there is many nice places to visit around leticia, after of before a jungle tour , so stay long enough to enjoy everything!

Maloca Yucuna
shaman Uitoto
process of making mambe
tradition uitoto
mask Yucuna
tradition uitoto
process of making mabe
tradition Yucuna
Maloca Yucuna
trying Rape
Maloca Uitoto



we can organize for you the visit of a Witoto shaman and his maloca  and also a yukuna maloca

*lot of fun

*lot of histories

*lot of good memories


by yoursef:

+watch all the parrots coming in the end of afternoon in Santander park (leticia)  


+Enjoy the crazy busy life of the market and Malecon (port) of leticia !

+ take the boat only few minuts to spend the afternoon or day in Santa rosa island (peru) 

+take a tuk-tuk and enjoy the sunset and good caipirihna at ^Mirador de la comara (brazil)^ 

ask us for much more to do !

you have then time ? 

you are going to or comming from brasil or Peru next ?

Take the slow boat !!! 

it is a great experience of fews days (depends your destination) with local people. you just need your own hammock


we can help you find ticket and more information about it ! 


here is the kind of boat  --->

slow boat
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