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Day 1 


We will pick you up at your hotel at about 8:30 am, go around the port and market of Leticia before to take the boat for about 2,5 hours to the lodge . ( in the dry season we have a 20min walk to get to the lodge)
We will explain you more about the area of Kurupira reserve and serve you a typical lunch.
*after lunch, you will start with a 2 hours walk in the forest, learning about the plants and trees and them utilities but also about the legend and tradition of the local tribes.
Time for sunset we will choose the best spot between the lake or river. Dinner in the lodge and Alligators watching before falling asleep in your hammock!


Inclued: Lunch+snack+dinner 

*winter time canoeing in the floating forest instead of the walk  



Day 2


wake up early to enjoy the sunrise on the lake or river, back to the lodge for breakfast. *We will start a 2.5 hours walk to get to San Juan de Baranco (tikuna community ) and spend the morning, lunch and part of the afternoon learning about them way of life . It may be help the women to cook the dinner, play around with kids, participate to any activities , just Enjoy a Tikuna life for a day !! we will go back to the lodge by boat, *tonight you will sleep in the jungle, so let’s walk a little more to find a good spot for your hammock , enjoy the dinner, go for a night walk to fell the jungle in the dark and fall asleep with the music of the jungle. 


Inclued: Breakfast+Lunch+snack+Dinner

*winter time , we go to the community by canoe and will leave earlier to go to Loma Linda (other community) and from there walk to find our jungle camp.              

 Day 3


*breakfast in the jungle, back to the lodge we will show you a different way of fishing and may be get some cat fish for lunch, we will also look for pink and grey dolphins and go back to the lodge. After a little rest to enjoy the last moments into the jungle we will start our way back to Leticia.



Arriving time in Leticia: about 5 pm.  

INclued : Breakfast+Lunch+Snack

*in winter time we will spend the day in Loma Linda, learning about the plantation of the farmers community, maybe observe the Manati (seacow) that live in the artificial lake of a fish farm. And observe the dolphins on our way back to Leticia.



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