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⦁ Dolphins watching

the amazon river and all the river attached to her are a playing space for the pink and grey dolphin ! we normally see them everyday, so you have a very big chance to see them. we can stop on our way to the lodge or when doing different activities is we meet them, otherwise we will spend few hours looking for them as an activities. 

⦁ Alligators watching at night

Magüta lodge is situeted close to kurupira lake, a very good spot to observe alligators, you will see them eyes shinning in the night. Ramiro is very good to catch the young one, with chance you could be able to carry one for few minutes and let him go back in the lake .

⦁ Swim in the amazon river 

if you want to go home and tell your friend you swam in the biggest river of the world with alligators, anaconda, piranhas ....


tell ramiro to stop for a refreshing bath !!! he will join you for sure !

⦁ Day and night walking in the Jungle ( July-December)

during the dry season we will spend some hours walking slowly in the jungle and take the time to observe wildlife and vegetation. during this time Ramiro will stop many time to show you a medicinal plant or other useful things you can find in the jungle.

  ask a lot of question!!!

⦁ Canoe in the floating forest ( January-June)

when the rainy season is here, it is impossible to walk in the magüta lodge area, but we still want you to enjoy the secret of the plants and the forest, so we will go with a little canoe (without motor) slowly around the flooding forest. chance to see animals and amphibians in the tree !

⦁ Piranhas fishing

Piranhas!!!!! the most famous fish in the amazon ;-) An adventure in the jungle without fishing those monsters can not be possible ! so, jump in the boat with your bamboo fishing line , some meat and let's catch our dinner !

⦁ Canoeing in the Kurupira lake looking for some birds and Victoria Regia (water lily)

kurupira lake is a very peaceful place well protected. specially early morning or at any time of the day you can enjoy the birds flying around...  and when your eyes aren't in the sky, don't forget to pay attention to the lake... you might see some amazing victoria regia leaves . 

⦁ Sunrise and sunset on the lake or river

depend of the weather of course, Ramrio will choose the best spot to enjoy a relaxing moment watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset

⦁ Visit and share time with a Tikuna community

we specially work with 2 community close by. Loma Linda ( bigger and very well developed ) and San juan de barranco ( very small community without electricity ) depends of your longs of stay we will visit one or both of them for different interesting activities. Please, be comprehensible,specially for the San Juan de Barranco community, we do not want to change them life because of tourism, so we don't ask them to do anything special before we go there with you, once you get there they might be out fishing, here cooking, sleeping ;), or doing any activities in or out the village... but we can go around, visit and  fore sure the kids will come playing with you ! with Loma linda we have many nice organized activities as visiting the fields and plantation,walking in the forest with a local guide, learning and watching how they use the materials from the forest to make  handcraft, clothes, bags and much more ...

⦁ Jungle camp (July-December)

during the dry season, we offer you the opportunity to sleep in the jungle !!! so, if you are adventurous enough, you don't care about no shower and no toilet , you want to live the real experience of falling asleep with the sound of the forest... this is for you ! 

we will walk few hours with a little bag(minimum need), material to cook and your hammock. find a nice place to hang your hammock, enjoy a jungle dinner and listening to ramiro sharing stories and legend of the forest.

⦁ Try the typical food from the area 

yes, eating is an activities !!! :-)) during your stay with us, all the meals are cooked with love with local aliments and local recipe ... but don't worry if you are not adventurous with food, we make good combination with international food if needed.

you will also have the opportunity if you like to try different locals fruits, herbs or insect as the famous MOJOJOY (warms)  

You have food allergy, are vegetarian, or others food regime ... please tell us before the tour as we can organize special meals for you .


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