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ramiro and lilia
Lilia,Ramiro and José Antonio / 2017
family walk in the jungle !
Ramiro with a 5m Anaconda
JoséAntonio first experience on a VR
Ramiro happy to show you his lodge !

Ramiro was born in a Tikuna community in Brasil. He spent his childhood Learning everything about the jungle. when he was 14 years old, he had to move by himself to Leticia,Colombia. he arrived in a family who owned a guiding agency for tourist .

being very interested in foreigners and their interest to see his native jungle, he initially decided to offer his service voluntarily to do anything, as long as he could join the tours with the guide and the tourists.

carrying the materials, cooking & ensuring the tourists' confort is how he started to learn how to be a guide. Over the years, he developed good skills in working with tourist & knowledge aboutthe forest.  he also developped a very good level of English on his own by spending time on the tours with the customers. he finally became a guide for this agency and others as well.

Ramiro is married with Lilia , who is from a Cocama community.  She has however been living in Leticia with her family for a long time. they have 3 kids; SOL ANGIE, EVA LUNA and JOSé ANTONIO. they actually live in Leticia in order to allow the kids to go to a good school. The would however really love to live at Magüta lodge for good on day !

Ramiro always had this dream to have his own guiding business and to build a lodge in a  place that he fell in love with many years ago. Lilia always supported him in his dream and it soon became THEir Dreams ! she learned English very fast by herself in order to be able to communicate with tourists. she helps with everything within the lodge.  she also loves and knows the jungle very well, especially the plants. she his always excited and motivated to go with Ramiro to the lodge and to help the tourists feel home.

in 2015 their dream came true and the construction of the magüta lodge officially started! about one year later, the lodge is not entirely finished but is ready to welcome the first customers .  


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