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Magüta lodge / july 2017



Magüta Jungle lodge is situated approximately 40km from Leticia, up the Amazon river in the direction of Peru, On the edge of the Kurupira lake.
there, you will find a beautiful, peaceful and wild place, still very preserved with nothing else than nature!
We will offer you the opportunity to do many activities close tothe lodge, spend a few nights or simply relax in a hammock listening to the magic sounds of the forest.
Depending of the season, you might have the chance to observe a variety of birds, sloths and monkeys directly from the lodge.

The lodge is very basic and accommodations are very simple, for the time being you will sleep in hammock equipped with mosquito nets. therefore don't worry about being bitten during the night! Magüta lodge is completely built with natural materials from the area, the construction provided the locals and the communities  with a lot of work. it is also built in a ecological way.

our wish tis o keep the place calm and wild, we therefore do not use any mechanical or electronics supplies. There is NO electricity at all in the lodge. We however plan to have solar panels at some point.


We would be very happy to meet and spend time with you and give you the opportunity to discover the beauty of the jungle. We will do our best to make you feel at home in our lodge and enjoy a real jungle experience!

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